Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cake Evolution

Wedding Cakes Oh How They Evolved

Not too long ago there were simple wedding cakes that would consist of cake, icing, and a couple of embellishments. This was the normal cake everyone had at there wedding. Now you can pick anything you want.

The wedding cakes have grown taller than the bride and groom. Sugar flowers have become a big thing such as in this picture.


They even started adding color in wedding cakes so it is not all white.


Tiers on the cake have become shaped differently and were not directly on top of each other.


You can even add some feathers do to decorate your cake.

Your cake does not have to be shaped as a cake at all your cake can even be shaped as your dress.

Here are a Few Cakes that Caught my Eye!

The memory cake! Record all your best times together!

If you and your groom cannot choose between vanilla and chocolate, here is your cake!

The inside out cake! 

From the Editor: Seeing all these cakes and how they change I like a combination of the modern and traditional designed cakes. I love the feather cake and out of these cakes I would definitely pick that one.
I do like the concept of the memory cake but I would not want to eat it, I would want to save it.

All in all here are some different ideas that will hopefully make your decision easier and let you see how many options there really are.

-Brianna Quinn 


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