Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Your Average Valentines Day

For this wedding on Valentine’s Day there were no red or hearts in sight! Just because your wedding is on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you need to be seeing red for your big day. A theme of purple and leopard print made for a trendy and edgy V-day.  Deep purple fit the lounge setting of this event and fit the couple’s personality. Going with a loungy feel we also offered signature cocktails at the party such as ‘The New Yorker’ shown below. We did incorporate the Valentine's Day holiday in the candy with a sophisticated and chic candy table  but we used shades of purple. This playful touch was the perfect way to acknowledge the day without going overboard. Our Valentine’s Day wedding might not be what people expected but with a romantic yet funky vibe this wedding was unlike anyone elses!

Photography by Jenny Ebert Photography