Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pink Monkey Goes Global!

Well we didn’t technically get to go to Japan but we were featured in Elle Japan! Pink Monkey Events owner, Michelle, had the honor of being interviewed and featured in a spread for the coveted magazine. The magazine mentions...

“Michelle Tuccillo, the capable wedding planner who chairs the wedding
planning company Pink Monkey Events. Every day, she bustles about New York
City as she responds to her clients' requests. Michelle's reputation is for
producing weddings (of course), but also all parties and events with great
style and sense.”

This feature was such a big deal for us because not only does it expand our
business but we learned so much about the Japanese culture we didn’t know
before! We learned that they love American trends for weddings and are
pretty up to date with them as well. Pink Monkey Events prides itself as
being an event planning company that caters to all cultures so the feature
in Elle Japan was a perfect fit!

Pink Monkey Answers All Your “How To” Questions

Pink Monkey Events partnered with the popular search engine,, to provide tips on how to plan your own events! We were so happy that ehow came to us wanting our expertise. Some of our ehow posts include:

How to Use Potted Gerber Daisy Centerpieces for Weddings

Decorating for a Christmas Wedding Reception

How to Make Vintage Wedding Bouquets at Home

How to Make Rose Boutonnieres

Decorating Ideas for a Calla Lily Wedding

We figure if we can’t plan your event we want to at least be able to provide some of our helpful hints to help you out! We chose some common questions we are asked and provided our solutions in easy to follow steps. Now you can check out to plan a Pink Monkey Events party of your very own!

Does Your Invite Make a Good First Impression?

Pink Monkey Events believes it is the special touches that make any event memorable. Events start with the invite so this aspect of any event is not to be overlooked! When your guests first receive their invite is when the tone for the event is set. The better the invite, the higher the expectations for the event! Make sure your invite makes the right first impression by adding some unique flair. The photos below show how adding some detail can turn a plain invitation into something extraordinary. For this specific example, the color palette and font used were muted so we decided to doctor it up a little. We added a gold velvet ribbon and small silky black feather cluster for some lush textures along with a crystal brooch for some sparkle. Small touches like these are what will make any event special!