Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland Wedding

In the winter time it is difficult to incorporate the season without going overboard with cliche holiday decor. We came up with a couple of ways to give a hint of the first winter's frost.  For this January wedding we used pine cones as the stand for the escort cards. By adding a little touch of fake snow and a white glittered table cloth it brought the outdoors in for this event.  Cupcakes are perfect for the winter season. These bite size sweets have a pearl coating on the frosting giving the feeling of a winter wonderland.When planning your wedding, in any season, it is important to not go overboard incorporating the time of year. These two examples show that little hints and small details are the best way to balance the theme and season for your big day.

Photography by Jimmy Ryan

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Love NYC!

Since we are located in the amazing city of New York, we love nothing more than a NYC theme. The elegance and style of Manhattan makes it the perfect theme for chic party. Pink Monkey Events was featured in BizBash magazine for our savvy NYC party. If you cannot afford the pricey views of the real New York City skyline than just light it up! We used a lighting effect of the city skyline and projected it onto a curtain to create our very own skyline. Taxi themed favors and details were also included to complete the NYC theme, which also brought in the bright yellow as a fun accent color. Taxis are the epitome of this city so they’re an absolute must (we think the old time taxis are the coolest!).  The NYC theme is so versatile so whether you are planning a wedding or corporate party, feel free to include this wonderful city!

Photography by Ryan Berkowitz Photography

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Engagements from the Heart

I think we can all agree that what every girl wants in a proposal is to see that her fiancée put time and effort into making it special. We at Pink Monkey Events feel that the best proposals are intimate and romantic such as this one shown. We are always available to help out our male clients as well! Some helpful tips for a perfect proposal all include being true to yourself, after all your soon to be fiancée loves you for you! Think about your personalities and the things that make her happy. Such as in this featured proposal, you can make a tree with each branch stating the reasons why you love her. Think of all the little reasons to make it really personal and special for her. And remember, when all else fails think candles. We’ve never met a girl who didn’t love them! Candles instantly create a romantic and warm feel so think candles, candles and more candles.

Photography by Ryan Berkowitz Photography