Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tip of the Week - Green Envy Edition

Pink Monkey Events fun idea/tip of the week. Green with envy... that is what we say about this wedding. Pink Monkey Events had a client who use an elegant black and white color scheme for their wedding. Since the couple had modern taste we wanted to incorporate the feel of this couple through out the wedding. We wanted to give them something more with a little pop to add to their already elegant wedding. Pink Monkey Events had added a touch of green to really make this color palette stand out. On the gift card table is where we really had the fun. For the gift card table we used a black and white printed box (which you can find at HomeGoods or any type of home store) and then used a green tablecloth with accents of green on top to really make colors of black, white and green so fresh and bold. These little kermit mum balls were so cute modern and different. We really love this look and wanted to share it with you. This is a great inspirations on how to add elements to your gift card box table and make it pop with a added color. Thank you Rountree Flowers for making this simply stunning! If you have any questions on this look please email us at

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tip of the Week - Sweet 16 Edition!

Pink Monkey Events fun idea/tip of the week. Oh how sweet it is, Pink Monkey Events super Sweet 16. We love a great colorful Sweet 16 but we always want to remember to keep it coordinated yet fun and exciting. Here the client wanted a masquerade sweet 16 with her favorite colors purple and hot pink. We coordinated her theme throughout the event by using the masks for the seating cards and then the guests can use them as part of their outfit to fit the theme. We also used the colorful masks as decor throughout the party. Remember whether it is a super sized budget or a smaller budget remember to keep the theme throughout the event and use coordinating colors which will make this feel put together. If you have questions or need more advice contact us at

Sunday, March 17, 2013

April Showers or Baby Showers?

Pink Monkey Events fun idea/tip of the week. No April showers just yet, so how about baby showers? At Pink Monkey Events we do not only do weddings. What happens after the wedding... the baby but of course! If you are crafty or not so craft these little soap bunnies can be a cute baby shower gift or little touch to your party. We have gotten so many compliments on these we thought that we would share how to make them with you! Supplies needed: one washcloth, ribbon, a bar of soap (that has a strong or fragrant smell), a little rose for the nose, black pieces of yarn or string for the eyes and to finnish the nose. Place the bar of Soap in the middle of the washcloth and then take to left corners and bunch together and tie to make one ear. Then do the same to the right side. With the ribbon tie the bottom of the two ears to keep them close together and make a bow so it looks like the bunny have a bow in her hair. After you have the base of the bunny done you can construct the face. Make the eyes with the black pieces of the string you just use a little fabric glue and curve the sting to make each eye. Use a small piece of the sting to make a straight line down for the to make the nose and finish with the little rose for the nose. Since these pieces of string are small you can also use a tweezer help you put this on. Ok so there you have your little baby bunny for your baby shower. Too cute! Any questions of help with this project please feel free to email us at

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tip of the Week - Invite Edition

First impressions are everything... Ok so you are ready for the big day or ready for that big gala that you have been planning. You have been so stressed out with months and months of preparation and coordination. Now you are ready to send the invites. Are you sure you left enough time? When putting together your guest list make sure that you are giving your guest at least 4 to 6 weeks time before the big event. So you are now rushing to get them out and you think by putting a label on it and just sending it that will be ok. No Way Jose... Oh my gosh... This is a party not a business letter. We want to give the impression to your guests that this is going to be one great event. Making a label and just not caring how it looks is saying something to your guests. You spent so much time on this event to make it amazing. Don’t stop at the invitations because you think it will not matter. It is truly a first impression of things to come. If you have nice handwriting you can totally do these yourself. You can also get a colored pen to write on the envelopes which will be that pop of color in the mail that will make your guests notice your envelop mixed in with all of the bills they do not want to open. If you can afford to get a calligrapher this is the way to go! If you get a calligrapher with a style to match your invites this will put it all together and make this invite just so elegant. Make your guests excited even before they get there. This one little thing goes a long way trust the Pink Monkey!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tip of the Week - In Loving Memory Edition

Pink Monkey Events fun idea/tip of the week. With wedding season approaching I wanted to touch on your wedding and the ones we loved that have passed on. We have parents and grandparents, uncles, aunts that are so very special to us who have passed on that could not be with on your wedding. On your wedding day you think about them so much and how you wish that they could have been there with you. We know and believe that they are there in spirit but you want a way to cerebrate them on your wedding day without making it too sad for you and everyone at your wedding. I think that adding them to your ceremony is the perfect place to have them honored and remembered. At your ceremony it is so lovely to add them to your ceremony program. Adding all the ones that you love in your program on their one page is a special touch You can add them in a list with a In Loving Memory with their names. When your guests read your program they can also think about them and know how they are in your thoughts on your day. Another nice touch is you can also add a plaque (or picture frame) with their name on it and place it on a chair for your ceremony to give the feeling that they are there with you. During your wedding processional have a family member carry a rose and place it on the chair. This not only to keep them in your thoughts but to honor them as though they are there with you. Missing our family members during such a special day is so very hard but having them remembered and thought of makes your day even more special as they are there in our hearts!