Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black and White Vs. Color

In the battle against Black and white vs. color, for this wedding- classic won! A black & white wedding can make just as much of an impact as one with an abundance of colors. The trick to making a black & white wedding work is how you play with the elements. In order not to make the wedding too dark, be sure to only use subtle touches of black like they did in this wedding with the table numbers. These two colors work best with black as the accent. Since there were no colors to create drama we included candles and hanging crystals to create interest. This classic combination can be ultra chic and sophisticated if done right. Remember it’s not the color that makes the wedding, it’s what you do with it!

Photography by Elisabeth Millary Photography

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pink Monkey Events Goes Destination!

Pink Monkey Events goes to Captiva Island for an unforgettable wedding. This wedding was so beautiful that  InTouch Weekly compared it to celebrity, Jewel, and  husband Ty Murray’s wedding. The vibrant colors of this event worked perfectly with the vivid green lawn, clear blue sky and beautiful view of the ocean. One of our favorite elements were the giant spheres of white mums placed throughout the tent as well as floating in the pool. The white flowers against the blue water in the pool made for an incredible sight. The simplistic theme of mostly white with a pop of chartreuse green made this wedding appropriate for its gorgeous location. Since Captiva Island is so beautiful we wanted to make sure to incorporate the location into the event. This grand white tent was filled with long, simplistic tables adorned with a punch of lime green in flower arrangements lining the center of each table. We love to do destination weddings because although NYC is amazing, these events give us an opportunity to give our clients their dream event in their dream location!

Photography by Jenny Ebert Photography