Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Office Party

We can transform any space to make for an amazing event. For this office holiday party, we used their office for the venue and worked with what they had to make for a festive event with an array of holiday décor. We even used the reception desk to create a makeshift bar! With lush greenery, berries, pinecones and red roses used in the arrangements this festive event made for an office party unlike any other. Most offices are not the ideal setting for a holiday party but with the right décor, any room can become the perfect place for a party. Pink Monkey Events loves to use gold for the holidays and the gold linens helped to warm up this stark setting. If budget constraints do not allow for the ideal venue, not to worry! Pink Monkey can create a masterpiece out of any space with the right amount of creativity and imagination.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Fun and Festive Holiday

We wanted to make this holiday party unique and specialized to their company. This company's logo is blue so we took on the challenge of creating blue festive holiday decor. We at Pink Monkey Events love to create holiday parties but without your typical Christmas red and green. A beautiful yet festive theme of vibrant green, teal blue and gold with subtle touches of deep red roses made for an incredible corporate event unlike any other. We used a trendy, Asian inspired venue which we turned into a sophisticated holiday event with the addition of colorful and fun decor. We brought in a large tree and covered it in an abundance of colorful ornaments and some added surprises such as tiny peacocks, feathers, ribbon and strands upon strands of glistening white lights. We used a term commonly used within the company to name our signature cocktail that was colored in the company's logo color. We even went a step further and had a light projected on the dance floor with the logo. Our goal is to make every party special to the client and different from anything done in the past and this party did just that!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Tree Lighting at Pink Monkey Events

It may not be as grand as the tree in Rockefeller Center but its certainly full of heart! We love to make our office feel like a home away from home for not only us Pink Monkeys but for our clients as well! We often have Christmas trees at our holiday events and we wanted ours to be just a special and grand. Adorned with an abundance of burgundy, gold & of course pink ornaments, our tree makes our office feel fabulously festive. We used an array of ornaments from vintage to glittery gold snowflakes. Our tree was topped with a huge homemade bow with long flowing swags down each side which is our Pink Monkey trademark on any tree we do. We love decorating our office for all of our clients to enjoy so we made sure to take a quick break during our busy day to bring some holiday spirit into our office!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Holidays from all the Pink Monkey's at Pink Monkey Events!

We hope you all have a wonderful PINK holiday season filled with friends, family and fun!