Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to go from special to a little more than special?

We here at Pink Monkey Events get this question all the time: How do I make something that's already special, like specialty drinks or table numbers, even more unique and special?

Everyone wants their party to be the talk of the town, and now that specialty drinks are all the rage... it's not as unique as they used to be. But fear not, because we do have a solution! One of the many ways to make a specialty drink truly special is to customize your drinks' display. Try using colorful cardstock and fun frames that reflect your event's theme to add a little extra d├ęcor. Although it might seem like a small detail, it makes a huge impact and even more importantly it's something that's not commonly done. You can do something similar with table numbers as well. Why not name each table rather then just assigning it a number? You can use landmarks or titles that reflect the style of your event. Give each table a personality and decorate your signage with colors and patterns that reflect your theme (one of our clients used pictures of their pets as part of the table numbers, check it out below). To give it that specialty-flare, use thick frames to bolster its place on the table. Photographers love searching for the little details you pour your heart into, and more than not those little details will come out very photogenic. Take a look at some of the signage we've done to give you a little inspiration!