Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Monkey Has Gone to the Birds

We are excited to tell you all about the two new additions to our office... Our two new love birds! Michelle’s husband, being the romantic that he is, bought her two love birds for our office. These adorable creatures have personalities as vivacious as the colors of their feathers. These birds are a special breed of parrot that is known to show affection hence the name. They are known to live in monogamous pairs and are often spotted sitting, playing or even eating together. Being an event planning company that specializes on weddings, all of us Pink Monkeys are romantics at heart so our love birds are the perfect office pet for us!

Pink Monkey Gets Corporate

We at Pink Monkey Events love each one of our clients so we are always thrilled when we have the pleasure of working with a client every year! This year was our sixth working with the Varde Partners for their annual investor conference and as usual the event went off without a hitch. We loved the space we used last year so we decided to hold the conference at the St. Regis in their gorgeous penthouse room again this year. Our goal for this specific event is to liven up the space with colorful yet tasteful flower arrangements. This year we chose vibrant shades of oranges and yellows to bring some warmth into the space with a bright pop of purple for a splash of color. The attendees would be in the space for an extended time for the presentations so we wanted to make sure it was a pleasant environment for them. This event is proof that even corporate events can be special with the right touches! Special thanks to Jessie from Rountree Flowers who does it yet again with her amazing floral arrangements.