Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trendy Yet Traditional

The venue, Tribeca Skyline Studios, offered a simple and sleek space which suited this event perfectly. The clean slate lend itself perfectly to some pops of color throughout using striking magenta with chic navy blue accents. The bride's love for orchids served as an inspiration for the beautiful color palette. The decor was simplistic yet elegant incorporating beautiful flowers such peonies and of course, orchids, in various shades of pink which added to the fun. The bride glowed in her elaborate Chinese dress during the traditional Tea Ceremony. We even recreated the cover of The New Yorker to serve as seating cards to include the couple's favorite city. Another personalized touch we loved was the custom runner created just for them. This wedding seamlessly blended current trends with tradition making for a truly special event!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Favorite Food Shots

From the gorgeous color combinations to yummy desserts to delicious hors d'oeuvres, and different textures there is something we love about food shots here at Pink Monkey Events. It could just be that we are hungry for lunch but the vibrant colors and appetizing appeal make food photos some of our favorites. Even though the holidays come and go and we have all eaten way too much, everyone can still appreciate the beauty and playfulness of food photography. Who doesn’t love food at a party? Often the food can be one of the most memorable aspects of any event so it is only natural that all photographers often include shots of the delectable bites and scrumptious drinks to add to the memories. We thought it would be fun to include these shots for you to enjoy but we must warn you after these shots you’re stomach might be growling for a snack!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Pink Monkey!

Happy Birthday Pink Monkey, Happy Birthday to you...this month Pink Monkey Events turns 5! It is hard to believe it has already been five years but they say time flies when you're busy having fun! Pink Monkey put on its party hat and celebrated with some yummy cupcakes. Reflecting back, we want to take the time to thank everyone for the love and support over the years. Pink Monkey Events wouldn’t be what we are today without our amazing vendors and amazing clients! You are all so special to us and we would not be where we are today without all of you. We are so proud of what Pink Monkey Events has become and we hope there are many more birthdays in store!

Yummy Monkeys

As if monkeys could get any better, now they can be made out of cake! These absolutely adorable candy/cake pops were made by one of our favorite vendors, Sarandipity Sweets. This vendor is the perfect match for Pink Monkey Events since she features these monkey cake pops. Not only are they too cute for words but they taste delicious too! These cake pops are filled with yummy, moist cake that is available in an array of flavors (so far we've tried the chocolate & yellow cake and loved both!). These bite sized treats are perfect for party favors, a unique gift or even an afternoon snack as we sometimes enjoy in the office!