Friday, May 24, 2013

Gatsby Tip of the day!

Pink Monkey Events fun tip of the day. Ok... I am still obsessed with Gatsby. I cannot help but to look at the style and level class and sophistication and wish I was an event planner back then. It looks like it was so much fun! Click on the link below for another Gatsby inspired event done by Pink Monkey Events. This event was done in 2010 so once again we were before the trend and setting the trend. This Gatsby inspired event was for a client’s Surprise 40th Birthday. 

When the client came to us to think of something really special for her husband's surprise 40th I wanted something that reflected him. We had done his wedding a few months prior to this event to I got to know them very well. They are a couple who had great taste and style so I wanted to make this a bash he would not forget. For starters the invite was a silver ticket we added a black velvet ribbon and black feather with pearls to complete the look to give it a rich layered feel. On the back of the invite we sealed it with a “40” red wax stamp. We wanted to let the guests know this is not a costume party but yet a real deal Gatsby inspired shin dig. The venue is so important from the moment the guests arrive to when they exit. We searched for a venue that would be hip but yet carry out our theme and Avenue NYC just did that perfectly. All of the guests arrived in classy and amazing clothing from the Gatsby error. I have to say everyone look the part. The entire party was stunning. At the end of the night we had a black and red vintage trolly pick up the guests for the underground after party which was at the couples apartment. When they arrived to the after party our Pink Monkey staff dressed in retro black and white aprons complete with feather in hair to meet and greet the guests. No detail was left out for this 40th Birthday. Enjoy the slideshow and once again Jayd Gardina did an amazing job capturing the elegance and fun of this event. xoxo Pink Monkey  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gatsby Inspiration Perfection!

Our Blog post today is inspired by the movie The Great Gatsby. We love the allure of all of the glamour and high society that the movie brings to life. You just want to get dressed up and be invited to such an elaborate event. Since the movie has had so much hype with the elaborate parties that were done at that time we have been getting so many questions and inquiries about doing a Gatsby inspired style wedding. They really knew how to party with style and class.

In 2009 we worked with such an amazing couple Elizabeth and Jeremy who had come to us with their wedding inspirations. They wanted to do a Gatsby inspired wedding which was so fitting to them. Elizabeth works in fashion and loves the glamour and details.  Jeremy works for a Bridal magazine so every days he sees weddings, so they wanted theirs to be different in every way. We really wanted to create their Gatsby inspiration and have it also tailored to them. You can say they were way ahead of the trend back then. Where to even begin on how every detail was taken care of from the trollies that picked up the guests as well as all the vintage cars for the wedding party: to the The Bourne Mansion which was the setting for the dinner reception; the the flowers in shades of purples; to the lace dress that Elizabeth wore; to the vintage backdrop bar scene that was a back drop for some fun photo; to the 1920’s styled champagne glasses that were constantly filled with champagne. There was such attention to detail that Gatsby himself would have loved to be invited to this wedding. Did I also mention that they were a stunning couple and fit the part of glamour and sophistication! We have attached some amazing pictures to share with you on this wedding. It is still one of my most favorite couples as well as one of my favorite styled and coordinated weddings. Special thanks to Jessie from Rountree Flowers, Belathee Photography, City Sweets and Confections, NYC Photobooth. If you have any questions on a Gatsby Styled wedding contact Pink Monkey at xoxo Pink Monkey!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Paco's growing up!

Paco is going for his interview... I think he will get the job what do you think? lol