Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summertime in Manhattan

For this event we were given the task to create a summer garden in Manhattan. Pink Monkey Events was up for the challenge! NYC is an amazing city but lacks the nature that is so important in the summer season. We knew flowers and nature were important to this bride so we made sure to bring summertime to Manhattan.  Pink Monkey Events used faux tree trunks (that were made of cork) as the base of the flower arrangements and filled them with as many bright and colorful flowers as possible for a garden like feel. With flowers in pinks, purples, peaches and  yellows we incorporated green to create contrast. We framed the table numbers in green moss to include more outdoor elements. Since this wedding was in hot hot summer, they gave out vintage looking hand painted fans that added a fun detail and also helped to keep guests cool. They kept the theme consistent in having flowers painted on the fans as well. No matter where your event we love to make your dream come true! Who knew a summer garden in Manhattan was possible? Pink Monkey loves to make your vision reality!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Personalize Your Parasols

As with our June wedding we used parasols but with a unique detail. Parasols are often used in weddings for either blocking the sun or simply for the look. These additions can make for great photo ops as well as keep you cool during a summer wedding. To make your special day even more special be sure to include personal touches. We hand painted these parasols with coral flowers from the inspiration  of the invites that were sent to all guests. 

The vibrant colors painted on to the crisp white parasols fit perfectly for a summer wedding. This detail took these parasols from simple to absolutely beautiful. Individual elements such as this are usually what make your day truly memorable for you and your guests so don’t be afraid to let your personality show!

Photography by Lauren Simpson Photography

Friday, June 4, 2010

One Spectacular Voyage

For this pre-wedding celebration guests went onboard a elegant yacht that made for one of the most spectacular venues we have ever worked on! The yacht itself was stunning so we worked with the décor to compliment the amazing venue. The guests knew they were in for a night of partying upon boarding this grand yacht. The couple’s style was portrayed throughout the entire evening from the first cocktail that guests were greeted with to the nautical themed candy bar. This classy event made for a spectacular voyage. The creative and talented caterer, Scozzi, made this event different than all others. Not only was all of the food delicious but the playful way to presenting the food was brilliant. The guests adored the sushi, caviar and other tasty  treats Scoozi created. For the color palette we used crisp white and navy blue to go along with the nautical theme. Pink Monkey loves to include personal touches so we also included their family crest within the décor. We even made sure the flowers were classic and sophisticated so we used white orchids, hydrangeas and gerber daisies. Pink Monkey Events loves a pop of color so we decided to bring bright orange into this event! We placed orange and yellow gerber daises floating in a bowl of water with orange crystals on the tables alongside the crisp white flower arrangements. Since shoes are not allowed to be worn aboard this yacht, we even created a shoe check for guests operated by our very own Pink Monkeys. This event was perfect from the food to the cocktails to the décor and the incredible venue just topped it off!

Photography by Jayd Gardina Photography

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Pocket full of Flowers!

Pink Monkey Events loves to come up with new and fun ideas! For this bridal shower we wanted to do something different but ultra girly! We created floral purses for the centerpieces made completely of leaves, moss and of course, flowers. With a bright pink and green theme these arrangements made for an adorable detail. The purses made from moss were decorated with stripped ribbon with a dangling jewel full of gorgeous pink flowers with tons of leaves.  One helpful tip is how to keep the leaves and flowers looking fresh all party long. You can go to B&J Floral Supplies on 28th Street in NYC for a spray called leaf shine. This handy spray gives flowers and leaves a just picked from the garden look. Putting a new spin on traditional centerpieces adds interest to any party. Not only are these centerpieces beautiful but can be used for mother’s day, birthday parties, bridal showers and baby showers so keep them in mind for your next event!

Photography by Pink Monkey Events