Monday, February 25, 2013

Tip of the Week - Dinner Time Edition

It's Dinner Time! Whether you are having a party of 10 or a wedding of 200, Pink Monkey Events is always about doing the little details that count. We believe that when it comes to dinner time it is always nice and classy to have dinner menus at each guests place. This is great for your guests to get excited about the meal and know what they will be served. Many people have food allergies or have dietary restrictions so it is especially great for those people. They can think about what they are going to order before the server comes around to ask them what they would like. This also saves on time for big parties or weddings as they have already seen the menu. Sometimes it is too loud in the room for the server to tell your guests what the selections are without repeating it a millions times. It also adds a special personalized touch to the table decor as the menu should coordinate with your table setting. This completes the table without being a big expense. There are so many programs that allow you to even do these at home yourself. Bon App├ętit!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tip of the Week - All Smiles

Say Cheese.... This tip is for our beautiful Brides. As you know your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Not is it only one of the most important days it is one that will be the most photographed. Remember, no matter what happens or how your day is going do not get too mad, you will have plenty of time to do that later. The camera is always on you even when you are not taking formal photos. That camera is documenting your entire day so you want to make sure that you are all smiles. It might sound like something so simple but it is really hard. If you are upset it will come through in your photos. In these pictures below is a perfect example of how stunning our Bride Julie looked all day. No matter what she was all smiles as Photographer Jayd Gardina captured her every move. You will be so happy you did when you see your pictures at the end you, will thank us!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tips of the Week - Creative Shoe Idea

Have a great pair of shoes that you hardly wore and do not fit anymore? How about making a fun flower arrangement! If you have a daughter or friend who is shoe obsessed this can be really a fun gift. How to create look: First off if your shoes are worn on the bottom we suggest to just paint the bottom a solid color so it is not unsightly and looks fresh and clean. We used green floral foam on placed this in the base of the shoe so the flowers stayed in place. These arrangements should say fresh for about a week or so as long as the foam stays moist, but make sure that it is not too wet as it will seep through the shoe. Have fun!