Friday, April 23, 2010

Ordinary to Extraordinary

 We here at Pink Monkey love to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces. This basic courtyard became a plush lounge for a trendy Bar Mitzvah. A little fabric and throw pillows go a long way!  We padded the benches to create comfortable sitting area and covered it with gorgeous fabrics. Also, in adding fabric curtains to the wall made the space much more inviting and warm. With a blank space we like to include an array of colors and textures to give the area as much personality as possible.  When looking at a space with a creative eye you never know what you can create! This challenge led to amazing results. We love to create beauty from a blank slate or a unique space and Pink Monkey is always up for a challenge!

Photography by Ryan Berkowitz Photography

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pink Monkey Loves Pink!

Pink can be fabulous as long as it is done right.  Valerie’s baby shower shows as long as it is used in subtle shades (no Pepto Bismol pink here!) and used with a complementing color, pink can be both sophisticated and feminine. Since this baby shower was done in spring we used more of a muted palette of colors. The faint green and peachy pink shades truly made for a perfect pairing. With the addition of a checkered ribbon the entire theme had a homemade touch. As always every detail was connected so even the menus were printed on light pink paper to stay consistent. 

Another playful element was the washcloths we handmade to look like bunnies. Since we included some soap inside the washcloth, it added a lovely scent to the entire room. The message of all this is that pink can be perfect but be sure not to go over the top. Pink Monkey truly loves pink but of course as with everything, always in moderation!

Photography by Pink Monkey Events

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Frills Here...

For Gabrielle and Matthew’s wedding we wanted to make sure their true love for each other shined. We could tell how in love they were just by the way they looked at each other and being the hopeless romantics we are, we wanted their true love to be reflected in their d├ęcor. After all, the couple’s love is the most important aspect of any wedding! The bride was so beautiful that this wedding needed to incorporate her sophistication and grace. This couple’s classic style inspired us to create a simple and elegant wedding for them with a color palette of soft pinks and ivory. Understated glamour made this wedding truly timeless. The muted colors, romantic details and abundance of candles made this wedding feel intimate despite its size. True love is the base to any amazing wedding and we used Gabrielle and Matthew’s love as inspiration to make their special day as special as their love. 

Photography by Jayd Gardina Photography