Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Gorgeous Day for a Gorgeous Couple

This wedding cannot help but put a smile on your face! This beautiful afternoon wedding was casual enough to let everyone’s happiness take center stage. The rustic yet elegant theme suited the couple perfectly and made for a heartwarming occasion. The color palette of crisp navy, bright yellow and vibrant green worked perfectly for this September wedding. Although this was a Manhattan wedding, there was certainly an outdoorsy feel. The decor was kept very natural using tree bark, branches, green apples as well as fresh flowers to emphasize the simplistic theme. The venue, The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, allowed for plenty of natural light to pour in from the floor to ceiling windows displaying a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. The favors were one of the most special aspects of this wedding. Gourmet bottles of olive oil were given out which was a unique idea that was the perfect way for their guests to remember the event.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

True Love

This couple cannot help but put a smile on your face and bring a tear to your eye. Christine and Jim were so in love that this wedding was extra special. For this event, we focused on coordination insuring that everything ran smoothly so their love was center stage. We helped every step of the way with the traditional tea ceremony, ceremony and reception. Pink Monkey Events handled every aspect from making sure the groomsmen’s boutonnieres were on straight to the timing of the wedding to stay on schedule. This couple’s happiness filled the room making this lovely afternoon wedding a joyous occasion for all.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Why You Really Do Need An Event Planner

Some may wonder why hiring an event planner is necessary but trust us when we say, we are here to make your life easier! After years of experience there are countless occasions when Pink Monkey Events have saved the day. From torrential rain, dress malfunctions, drunk party guests and wedding crashers… we have been through it all. When it is your special day you shouldn’t be the one who has to worry when things go wrong because that’s what we are here for. There is no problem that Pink Monkey can’t fix! 

Wardrobe malfunctions:

Some of our most memorable calamities revolve around dress problems. It is almost inevitable that throughout the course of any wedding, that some sort of wardrobe malfunction take place. Whether it be a torn bustle, ripped hemline, makeup on the groom’s tux or even an exposed bra strap, we make it our priority to insure you look picture perfect at all times. Our sewing kit equipped with needle and thread is sure to come to every event and on more than one occasion has been put to good use.

Party guest problems:

Another crucial element to our role is damage control. Pink Monkey Events is focused on keeping the bride and groom happy at all times so we try our best to deal with all problems quietly. One extreme example was at a wedding when a family member suffered from a serious asthma attack on the dance floor. We made it our responsibility to have an ambulance come quickly yet discreetly to first and foremost insure the safety of the guest but also to keep the party running smoothly. On a lighter note, we have experience with party guests that have had one too many cocktails. Rather than embarrass the guest by doing something extreme such as cutting them off, we simply water down their drinks, encourage them to eat or offer them some strong coffee. Continuing with difficult guests, party crashers are another bothersome element that we are all too accustomed with. In such situations we aim to find security dressed in plain clothes that can calmly escort the uninvited guest out without averting any attention from the party.

Vendor dilemmas:

In addition, working with vendors can be another headache that we are happy to take care of for our clients. On numerous occasions we have had problems such as dead flowers, broken centerpieces, under-staffed venues and late caterers, just to name a few. Monkey Events always comes prepared to rectify these situations by staying on top of our vendors and always having a backup plan. We are not afraid to take matters into our own hands when necessary. If need be, we will step in to serve food, mix cocktails or create last minute centerpieces because there’s no job we won’t do! For one wedding, the lead singer of the band unfortunately got into a car accident so we had to help the other unprepared band members with song choices on the spot but the musical performance went off without a hitch.

From researching street closures to avoid traffic to purchasing rain boots and umbrellas in preparation for a wedding taking place during a hurricane, Pink Monkey Events goal remains the same… to insure your event is all you dreamed it would be no matter what your special day has in store!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Leave the Coordination to Us!

This wedding was all about fun! Leave the coordination to us and you’re sure to have a good time. Our job is to make sure everyone including the bride, groom, family and friends don’t have to worry about a thing. For this event, we did the coordination and took care of everything to insure everyone had a carefree and memorable time. Even the flower girl was relaxed knowing Pink Monkey Events had everything under control!