Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

This is a post for my parents... Tomorrow is Valentine's Day as you know and of course your children are your #1 sweeties. Make their day special too. The little things that you do make all the difference. Here are some easy, cute and inexpensive ideas.
1. When make their lunch you can make sandwiches into a heart shape. Also add some strawberries and cut them in heart shapes. It is healthy and so cute. Any lunch item you pack for them make into a heart shape.
2. Pack a Little treat with a note for them. If you do not have a printed to make a note just make a hand note with hearts and if you have time get stickers too to make the packaging really colorful and fun.
3. Pack a red or pink flavored drink for lunch. Add a note attached how much you love them. Adding a picture of them makes it even more special and personalized! 

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