Monday, March 11, 2013

Tip of the Week - Invite Edition

First impressions are everything... Ok so you are ready for the big day or ready for that big gala that you have been planning. You have been so stressed out with months and months of preparation and coordination. Now you are ready to send the invites. Are you sure you left enough time? When putting together your guest list make sure that you are giving your guest at least 4 to 6 weeks time before the big event. So you are now rushing to get them out and you think by putting a label on it and just sending it that will be ok. No Way Jose... Oh my gosh... This is a party not a business letter. We want to give the impression to your guests that this is going to be one great event. Making a label and just not caring how it looks is saying something to your guests. You spent so much time on this event to make it amazing. Don’t stop at the invitations because you think it will not matter. It is truly a first impression of things to come. If you have nice handwriting you can totally do these yourself. You can also get a colored pen to write on the envelopes which will be that pop of color in the mail that will make your guests notice your envelop mixed in with all of the bills they do not want to open. If you can afford to get a calligrapher this is the way to go! If you get a calligrapher with a style to match your invites this will put it all together and make this invite just so elegant. Make your guests excited even before they get there. This one little thing goes a long way trust the Pink Monkey!

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